10 Things Your Family Photographer Doesn’t Want You To Know

10 Things Your Family Photographer Doesn’t Want You To Know

10 Things Your Family Photographer Doesn’t Want You To Know

We’ve been a family photographer since 2006, and we’ve learned all the tips and tricks how to make your children have a whale of the time at our studio. We work with hundreds of different families from all over the place on a monthly basis, and there are barely any secrets between us and them. However, there might be a few things we never tell our clients. The time has come. Here’s our confession of the year!

1. Even though we are officially called a ‘family photographer’, our actual job title should be ‘full-time clown’.

We jump around, use magic tricks to pull sweets out of your children’s ears, make funny faces, and sing our hearts out. Don’t even ask how many times we’ve performed ‘Row row row your boat’ last week.

Picture of family photographer dressed as clown

2. We sometimes misplace the camera during the photoshoot!

One moment it’s in our hands, and the next it’s gone. At that point we aimlessly wander around the studio for as long as it takes, trying to find it without causing suspicion.

3. We’re huge fans of ‘The Gruffalo’

The Gruffalo is as much our favourite thing as it is your little ones. Our photographers must watch the film and know the book back to front!’

Image of Gruffalo

4. Ohh the lens cap is on…..”Doh!” 

We occasionally start shooting with the lens cap on and we DEFINITELY want you to pretend you haven’t noticed. You couldn’t call yourself a family photographer if this hasn’t happened to you!

5. We sometimes forget your names…..

During large family shoots (consisting of 20 adults, 5 babies, 4 dogs and a cat) we can sometimes mix up your fiancée with your cousin and your dad with your dog. This can lead to an amusing family photograph, so just let us know we’re making this mistake or roll with it for banter!

Large Family Generation

6. We pretend everything’s OK after your baby poops on one of our blankets.

It’s ok, Karen, we only washed it yesterday, but it’s totally fine.

7. We’ve watched EVERY Peppa Pig episode

We make sure we’re updated with all Peppa Pig episodes and latest superhero trends before we leave for work. We also must be able to sing the ‘Frozen song’ whilst harmonising with the little one’s dad.

8. If your baby has a wobble we have a mini heart attack.

Photographing few-month olds can be tricky. They wobble, wriggle, and move a lot. Even when they’re fully safe and cushioned-up with parents by their side, we get a mini shock when they look like they’re going to topple over.

Wobbling baby with arms out

9. Coffee is our middle name….  

We might behave like we’ve had 6 shots of espresso before your photoshoot. This may be true but family photographers are hard-wired that way to keep up with the energy of your toddler or dog!

10. We practice making the strangest sounds….

We practice learning strange sounds to get your little one’s attention. It took us 2 days to learn to mimic Donald Duck and the T-Rex off Jurassic Park.

Child roaring at toy dinosaur

All of these quirks and mini blunders come part and parcel of being a family photographer. It would be awfully boring without them and we hope you’ll come along with us for the ride for some incredible photographs! Our family portrait sessions are suitable for up to 20 folks and, believe it or not, we encourage any household animals to attend for a pet portrait session. If you’re a new family, we offer a slower session with our newborn and baby portrait photography.

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