12 great things Mums say

12 great things Mums say

12 great things mums say!

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 Say that again and i'll wash out your mouth with soap

This simply sounded like it would be a terrible ordeal indeed. It was always enough for us to always keep our mouths shut!


eat your carrots otherwise you won't be able to see in the dark

This must easily be the worst lie ever told to us. How amazing it would actually be for this to be true. Never mind us though, what about the pressure we’re putting on the poor carrots! They’ve been brainwashed into thinking they have special powers only comparable to night vision goggles!



don't put that in you're mouth you don't know where it's been

Hey! How come the dog gets to do it?!



if everyone else jumped off a cliff would you do too

A rather brutal proposition but an excellent lesson taught by mother hen.



I don't care who started it

Even when we have all the evidence we need to bring our sibling to justice…..she’s not interested. ”Unfair” we cry!



if the wind changes your face will stick like that

What on earth does the wind have to do with our face? Secretly we all would have wanted this to happen as it would have been hilarious!


eat your crusts they'll make your hair curly

But….what if you don’t want curly hair? A win-win situation for some?


Because I said so

The childish tone from this one always gave us comfort. It showed that mum was secretly….one of us!


You have enough dirt behind your ears to grow potatoes

Nobody….absolutely nobody….would want potatoes growing out from behind their ears. 1-0 to mum.


Ask your father

Classic. The perfect decoy.


You'd forget your head if it wasn't screwed on

We’re not sure what is scarier. The prospect of forgetting your head…..or the very fact that it’s held on by a screw! Aaah!


i am going to count to three

It was terrifying then and it’s terrifying now. We’re sure that nobody dare get to number 4.

We hope you enjoyed our silly take on the greatest sayings spoken by mum-kind for years. These featured some of our favourite photographs taken in the studio of mums being quite simply awesome. We’re also pleased to inform you that we do hear many of these expressions at the studio. Keep it up!

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