8 Reasons The Summer Holidays Is The Perfect Time For A Family Portrait

8 Reasons The Summer Holidays Is The Perfect Time For A Family Portrait

8 Reasons The Summer Holidays Is The Perfect Time For A Family Portrait

Summertime gets super exciting at Zzzone Photography Studio. We absolutely love it! Here are 8 reasons why it makes so much more sense to come for a summer family portrait after your kiddos are free from school!

1. It’s the perfect excuse to show off that new summer dress!

There’s nothing better than showing off a new outfit and summer dresses are no exception. They are one of the most stunning items of clothing to photograph as they envelop wonderful patterns, vibrant colours and they move elegantly with any action shots!

Portrait of girl dancing in her summer dress

2. You’ll look your best!

You say Summer, we say… tan, freckles, lighter hair and whiter teeth. Admit it, everyone looks better during the warmest time of the year. Whether it’s being more active, taking more time off work or indulging in too much Pimms, we just look healthier and more vibrant!

3. Everyone’s happier!

Everyone’s happier in the Summertime and you want to make the most of this time for your family portrait. Our summer happiness is probably down to the extra Vitamin D, fabulous festivals, relentless barbequing and saving on central heating. We can definitely get more smiles from a moody teen who knows there’s no homework waiting at home!

Happy baby with hands in the air

4. The figures are telling us so!

Apparently, we love ourselves more during the Summer months. We spend more time in nature, exercise more, eat more fruit and veg. According to surveys, 54% of British people feel more gorgeous in Summer. There we have it!

5. The outside world is looking WONDEROUS!

Therefore, we might just be able to promote the use of our garden studio space! We’re actually the only photography studio in Bristol to have a private garden available to use for a summer family portrait! If we do say so…….it’s looking mighty fine out there! 

Our Bristol Garden Studio

6. You can take refuge from the summer heat

Not that we’re one to wish the heat away but the summer of 2018 is proving to be an outrageously long, hot and sticky affair! We have had trouble with clients not wanting to leave the studio after their shoot as we are fabulously air-conditioned (it would be madness not to be!). However, if you choose to use our garden studio space……we can’t help you out there…

Image of man cooling himself with refrigerated cheese slice

Yes, that is a slice of cold cheese. It’s a great cooling remedy…..promise!

7. Photography studios have better availability

It’s significantly quieter in the summer months as often people are on holiday and don’t want to do activities inside. At Zzzone though, we have an air-conditioned studio and garden space so we’ve got a couple of options for our clients. You’re very likely to be able to grab a weekend appointment at short notice in the summer than you ever would in winter.

8. The dog isn’t malting as much as usual!

In theory! If your pooch doesn’t get out much then this may not apply to them but generally speaking, your doggo should have fewer hairs flying around and their winter coat has been shed to welcome a less messy one!

Dog rolling on it's back with huge smile
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We hope this has spurred you on to come to our Bristol Photography Studio for a summer family portrait soon. Our family portrait sessions are suitable for all ages and, believe it or not, we encourage any household animals to attend for a pet portrait session. If you’re a new family, we offer a slower session with our newborn and baby portrait photography.

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