Renault Wind and our summer!

Motoring journalists Dan Trent for MSN Cars and Piers Ward for Top Gear were reviewing the new Renault Wind and the Renault Megane RS250 at Silverstone. My job for Renault was to provide these guys with images of the day for their stories. It is August at Silverstone and you would think that would be…


Show your pet some love

Pets in the family give us so much…. This lovely greyhound caused such a stir in the studio and we wish it was our own. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until the kids in that family have grown up a bit for their next portrait. He was particularly fond of having his ears played…



A black and white long exposure photograph of Stonehenge in Wiltshire by Gary Newman. This photograph was the winning entry of the English Heritage Stonehenge photography competition. Check out other long exposure photography by specialist Gary Newman