Do I Really Need A Professional Headshot?

Do I Really Need A Professional Headshot?

Do I Really Need A Professional Headshot?

Professional Headshot for Business

After clicking this link, we’re going to presume that you’re weighing up the options of getting a professional headshot. You might be looking to further your career or perhaps you’re a budding entrepreneur and you’re sat there thinking to yourself “do I really have to pay to get my professional headshot taken? Can’t I just use the picture that Aunt Rachel took of me last Christmas? I mean, I look good there, right?”

It’s a fair question to ask.

What we’re going to explore here though are the various reasons why it is not only important but it is imperative (yes, we even underlined it – it’s that important) that you get your professional headshot taken. Have a look at our reasons why and tell us you don’t agree.

Modern and professional headshot
Informal business portrait style
Three quarter length portrait
  • It WILL further your career – Applying for a job? Trying to win over that big client? Guess what the very first thing they’re going to do is? They’re going to dissect your online presence. The superficial nature of being online means that your image is everything. With that said, in this digital age it has never been more important to present an image that is professional, modern and able to show confidence. Put yourself one step ahead and make sure you’re conveying the right message to employers and customers alike. It genuinely can be the difference between them choosing you or your competition.
  • It’s a return on investment – We know it as well as you do. Money matters. Have you ever heard of the expression ‘give a little, get a lot’, though? This has never applied to anything better than it does to professional headshots. While it’s understandable that money can be a defining factor on your decision on whether or not to get yourself a professional headshot, you can trust that for the price you pay the rewards of having one are tenfold.
  • You’ll find you use it EVERYWHERE – The bounds of a professional headshot do not just extend to the realms of social media. Yes, you’ll find you use it on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and maybe even Instagram – but that’s not all. Your website? Your business cards? Conferences? Blogs? Or even guest posts? The opportunities are endless and you’ll be prepared to impress in all of them.
  • It will boost your confidence – We have the experience and the know how to welcome anyone and put them at ease instantly. We know how to take pictures that focus on your best features and hide away your not so favourite ones.  We consistently create vibrant images that capture that moment of magic. We’ve been in the game for years and have extensive experience capturing awe-inspiring photographic images that last a life time. Working with belly dancers to presenters – we’ve seen it all.
Author portrait for book
Female work headshot

If you’re interested in having a professional headshot, investing in yourself and furthering your career with some of the help of the lovely folks here at Zzzone Photography Studio then follow our links below to our headshot pages.

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Professional Business Headshot
Small Business Owner Cover Photo
Friendly and approachable portrait photography

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