The Door Closes at the Natural History Museum

Door closers at the Darwin Centre, Natural History Museum

Does the life of a commercial photographer sound glamorous? I hope not because much of the time the laptop, Photoshop or the iphone rules. Sure we fly all over the place camera in hand. Sometimes to the Highlands, flying up. A driver to pick you up. See the sights… No I really mean see the sites! Models in Portugal, products in France. It doesn’t happen everyday, but neither does an exclusive in the Natural History Museum.

You cannot take commercial photographs in the Natural History Museum without some serious permissions and even more £250 pounds per hour to keep the Museum open to do the photographic work. Understandably they are not going to do that during the day, just too many visitors. I didn’t realise that there are more than 700 full time scientists working in the laboratories in the Museum every day.

I would have loved to spend a few days there. I haven’t been there since I was a kid. The new Darwin Centre which has only recently opened is absolutely awesome. The the main feature the Cocoon, as they call it, stands eight storeys high in the middle of a glass atrium at the western end of the Natural History Museum. A giant concrete cocoon which so I understand accommodates 17 million insects.

Anyway the door doesn’t really close at the Natural History Museum, but that is what I am here to photograph. Doors and door closers for Dorma and there are lots of them.

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