makeover-experience-photography-bristol-03 The Zzzone Makeover Experience lasts 3 to 4 hours and is split into two sessions, the shoot and the viewing. Your initial session will involve about an hour with the professional make-up artist who will listen to what you have in mind or advise you completely, to create that special look for the studio. Our make-up artist uses the very best MAC make-up and will also style your hair. If you have any examples of what you like please bring them with you.

This is followed by about an hour in the studio with a professional fashion photographer. Time will be allowed for three to four wardrobe changes, so make sure you bring a variety of outfits for this exciting experience.

During the makeover you can bring three or four wardrobe changes with you to help you create that special look. Being in front of a camera can sometimes feel intimidating but here at ZZZONE our experienced photographers will help you to feel comfortable and confident. Our staff are all experienced and will make sure we catch your dazzling smile, or special glint in your eye. Don’t worry if you are a bit shy. We will all do our best to put you at ease. This is your special day and we want you to relax and not feel rushed. Enjoy yourself; it’s special, just for you.

zzzone-makeovers-060 A very popular addition available is for you to invite a friend of yours to share and enjoy the same experience for the even better special offer of £29. This Makeover Experience is exactly the same and includes a 7×5″ photograph and because the sessions are consecutive there is the opportunity for you and your friend to have some photographs together if you wish.

If you would like your partner included in the photo-shoot that would be no problem. Partners that would like to be included but do not want the makeover obviously can join the photo-shoot without any additional charge. This is your time in the studio it is completely up to you.

There is no age is no restriction either. The eldest client to date has been a very proud grandmother of ninety who, with your daughter, said she’d had the most fantastic time. Teenagers come to the studio and enjoy the experience and older children also. The Makeover Experience is very popular as birthday presents and also for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and we have Gift Vouchers for sale.

Check out the Makeover Photo Gallery for examples of our portrait photography and our Special Offers page listing so many exciting packages for you to enjoy, whether it is a portfolio, images on CD or one of our brand new Photobooks to show your friends.

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