New Office by Commercial Interior Space Architects

Interior Atrium and spiral staircase by Commercial Space Planners

Commercial property photography shot for Interior Architects and Space Planners, Design At Work . This is my favourite interior architectural photograph of the series for our client. This image really shows the benefit of using specialist architectural photography equipment to maintain correct perspective.

Here we used a Cambo WDS with a Schneider 35mm XL lens seriously shifted down to maintain our verticals. The digital back used is a PhaseOne P45+ with supplementary lighting provide by three small Nikon SB900 flash with colour correcting gels applied (0.5 CTO). The supplementary light provided was very subtle, the lighting for the shot largely being dictated by the ambient daylight above and the interior lighting scheme.

It is very important in work like this that the photograph should show the consultants lighting design rather than the photographers ability to light the image. That said and with the benefit of hindsight I do wish that we had illuminated the lower ground left hand office interior just a little more.

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  1. Cracking Shot! Oh for a P45+…
    I disagree though, I think if the bottom left was lighter it would detract from the image and the wonderful stools.

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