New Sainsbury Superstore in Helston, Cornwall

new sainsburys superstore in cornwall

A brand new Sainsbury’s Superstore opens in Helston, Cornwall on 14th July 2010. My time slot to get as many shots as I can for the Architect’s is 6.00am until 8.00am. They have given me a very long list and guess what, it has only just stopped raining but I am hopeful, the forecast is good, though only for the morning. I know the early morning light (when the rain stopped!) would be coming directly from behind the building. In fact I don’t think I could choose a sun angle any worse! Why don’t these building designer’s think about this stuff when they employ a photographer!!

Anyway I get on quickly with the job in hand. You might think a time slot that early would give me free access to many completed areas. There are no electricians in high vis, up ladders with trailing cables I very often find myself sorting the photos in post processing. Just manic Sainsbury’s staff busily preparing the Store for opening in a few hours. The Press are coming, other dignitaries and Sainsbury’s brass so I am going to just have to work with what I have got. I don’t like sterile what I call ‘Old School’ architectural shots anyway which is a good job because they are few and far between today!

I was able to capture 30 or 40 high resolution shots for my client before it started raining again. This is summer for goodness sake, but then again it is Cornwall.

new sainsburys superstore in cornwall

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