Olympics Construction Site: October 2010

This is my third visit to photograph the construction of the 2012 Olympic Park in East London. The panoramic photograph shows predominantly the Olympic Stadium nearing completion on the left hand side and the Aquatic Centre well under way on the right.

The above panoramic photograph is the combination of five images hand held using a Nikon AFS 24-70mm/2.8 lens, zoomed to 24mm, manual focus, manual exposure and bracketed in a portrait orientation. The lens was supported on the parapet of a bridge, not necessarily to reduce camera shake but to just to and rotate the camera without inducing too much parallax issues when stitching the images.

You can check out photographs of the construction and progress on site of the Aquatic Centre using the webcam located on the Olympic Site. The webcam for the Olympic Stadium is here.

A special thanks to Daniel who escorted me around the site all day, important because of site induction and Health and Safety. A construction site is one of the most dangerous places to work.

You can zoom in on the detail of the above photograph by clicking on the image below.

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