Pet Portrait Awards

The Pet Portrait Awards 2018

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We’re looking for doggy models for a national pet portrait competition! Dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes welcome.

The top prize is £1000 and up to £500 worth of framing is up for grabs.

We’re raising money for the Dog’s Trust and ask for a £10 donation to be part of this offer. We’re giving our studio time for free and your £10 goes to the Dog’s Trust and Guide Dogs charities. Last year we helped raise just over £8800 for the Dog’s Trust and we’re looking to raise over £10,000 this year.

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The Pet Portrait Awards 2018
Dog's Trust

What do you get for participating?

  • 1 hour pet portrait session + free digital image
  • A chance to win £1000 cash + beautiful frames (worth up to £500)
  • 15% off dog sitting, dog walking and training at Bristol’s The Mutty Professor
  • A free doggy health check at Zetland Vets
  • Bottomless gourmet sausages for your pooch!
  • Help us raise over £10,000 for the Dog’s Trust and Guide Dogs this year
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What sort of images do we take? Well…..

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