Lifestyle Photography

Working with the brand Sarah Louisa we created a series of Lifestyle images for her Self Care products. Sarah Louisa offers a range of natural eco friendly products with reusable containers.


The brief was fairly open for us to play with and we created a personal moodboard of ideas that could work nicely with the products. It was discussed that a lifestyle/natural look would be great for both the products and the website branding. Sarah also informed us of the concept of the branding and the products themselves. With this understanding of the brand we were able to style the shoot to compliment the visual looks of the products as well as the brand ethos.

We styled the first set of images to show off the products, from their contents, packaging and labels. The second series of images focused on the re-usable side of the packaging and to convey the idea that all the products are eco-friendly. We made sure that both series of images were styled in the same way so that they worked together as a collection.


With this lifestyle shoot we wanted to bring through the essence of a home environment whilst making sure the product is the main focus of the imagery. The styling of the shoot was an important process, tying in elements of the product ingredients and home items that reflected the premium feel of the brand.

The lighting for this shoot played an important role. We tailor our sets specifically for each type of product and the materials they are made from. For this style of shoot soft lighting was created to bring through a warm, homely feel. With most items containing gold, silver and glass material we made sure that the surfaces of the products were lit nicely to bring through the colours of the metal and containing the reflections  to make sure the inside contents of the product were clearly visible through the glass.


From start to finish we kept the client informed of progress and visual development of the shoot. We provided some test imagery to show some styling options and gained valuable feedback on what was working and what needed more refinement. This was crucial for us to create the right look for the products whilst promoting the concept of the brand. Moving forward we have now created a visual style that can be applied for future shoots as the brand, Sarah Louisa, grows. We want to make sure that our clients are provided with their unique visual style which will be carried on as they schedule as new products are created.

Rhiannon at Zzzone made our shoot a dream. She is extremely professional and I can’t recommend her and the company enough. All the way through the process she was so easy to communicate with, extremely helpful and a great set designer and photographer. We are so pleased as she took the time to understand our brand and bring out it’s message which was the most important thing to us. Once she added her extra touches it made everything just perfect and we really needed this. I’m so happy with the service at Zzzone. I would never go anywhere else now! Definitely using this service again. We received high quality photos, creative flair, extra advice, colour matching for our brand. Absolutely excellent service! Can’t recommend enough!

”Sarah was an absolute joy to work with on this project. The products are stunning!!”

Rhiannon – Photographer & Studio Manager