Some family portraits can leave you wanting to ask just one question

Some family portraits can leave you wanting to ask just one question

In many ways, there is far more to a family portrait photograph than a visual documentation of all the members of the family. Look more closely at so many of the standard family photoshoots taken in the 1970s and 1980s and somehow this seems to have been an era for bad taste in clothing and even worse taste in hairstyles. Many a family portrait exists with everyone wearing the same ‘tasteful’ sweater, some with serious poses and others with a wide selection of false smiles. Then, of course, there is the family portrait that leaves you wanting to ask one question, and that is “What on earth were you thinking?”

Here at ZZZone, specialists in family photo shoots, Bristol, we are not averse to using the occasional prop in family photography, but the one thing we most certainly don’t want to do is present you with a series of family portraits that will have you cringing with embarrassment in 10 or 20 years’ time. Of course we want you to smile and look happy in the photographs we take, but we’d actually prefer it if that was how you were feeling at the time. We want to help you celebrate the relationship you have with other members of your family and we want to capture moments of genuine sincerity, joy and other emotions befitting of a special family event.

All too often we lead exceptionally busy lives and all too frequently we find ourselves with so little time to do things as a family, events that help underline what really matters in life. All too often kids have grown up and left home and before you know it, seldom you get the chance to gather everyone together for a family photoshoot. Bristol is where we have been based for many years, and while we are often out and about attending weddings or being involved with commercial photography, we always find family photoshoots some of the most enjoyable and rewarding occasions.

It is not every day of the week you decide to have professional family portraits taken and we would be very disappointed if the cringeworthy images of families you have seen in the past put you off getting in contact with this. Of one thing you can certainly rest assured, and as will be backed up by our gallery of wonderful family photo shoots, we will leave you with a series of great images that will not only show you smiling naturally, but which will also make you smile for a good number of years to come too.

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