The Blue Gorge and Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

The Blue Gorge and Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

clifton suspension bridge observatory avon gorge

This photograph of Bristol’s most famous Clifton Suspension Bridge is available for sale as a signed limited edition print. The image has created a lot of interest when on display in the studio. It is made up of the combination of 20 photographs to increase both the detail resolution of the image and also the dynamic range, recording both the significant highlight detail around the bridge lighting and also the shadow detail particularly within the foliage.

I love the shot because of the colour of the many light sources. By comparison the colour of the daylight is very blue, the florescent and led lighting green, the sodium lighting on the Portway road below orange and the tungsten lighting from the houses yellow. Notably this is not a blue sky shot being overcast, but that does not obscure the colour of the remaining daylight at this time.

Just beyond the Clifton Suspension Bridge, in between the suspension bridge hangers, you can also see the Clifton Observatory. The first image of the limited edition series of just 95 was purchased on the first day it was framed and on display in the studio by a chap called Chris, a builder who had refurbishments the large house on the right at the bottom of Sion Hill. Currently the image is on display upto 2000mm wide in a number of locations both corporate and also in David Lloyds Club in Bristol and is available in the studio.

The image clip below shows the approximate detail of the photo. The web compresses the image so it is not a true reflection of the image but you can click to view it a bit larger.

part of the Blue Gorge image showing the detail


  1. Adam

    I’ve just recently bought “The Blue Gorge” picture and I’m very pleased with it. It’s an awesome picture with amazing colour. It’s so clear and looks spectacular in my front room. I also got the chance to meet with Steve Townsend when making my purchase and found him to be a very friendly and helpful person who really has a passion about his photography. Thanks for your help Steve.

  2. Steve Townsend

    Thanks Adam for your kind words, Steve

  3. A round of applause for your article. Will read on…

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